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Delivery Tips

Deliveries During COVID-19
When delivery professionals are present, it is best to ensure both you and the delivery professionals have on a mask and is socially distancing as much as possible. This should be done for your protection and theirs.
Take necessary measurements

It is advised to take measurements of the designated delivery space, your doorway, hallway, stairways, elevators, and other pertinent areas to ensure your items will fit into your location and to prevent damage.

Clear the path

To prevent injury within your home, ensure you avoid additional fees and delay of your delivery, it is advised that you remove clutter, hanging wall pictures, low hanging light fixtures, chandeliers, and old furniture before your scheduled delivery. 

Secure your children and pets

To prevent injury, trips, falls, and runaway pets, it's best to ensure they wait for the delivery to be completed in another room.

Inspect your items as soon as possible

It is advised to ensure you inspect your items soon after arrival. The seller should be immediately notified if you determine your items have sustained damage. Many companies have the ability to respond appropriately if your inspection and claim is completed in a timely manner.

Make sure you are aware of the delivery window

To avoid additional fees, make sure you have a clear understanding of when your delivery is set to arrive at the designated location. An adult who is able to authorize and sign for the delivery should be present. 



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